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Moncton Fish Market - About Us

A Century of Passion for Freshness

What began in 1917 as a neighbourhood fish store has over the decades grown into a company whose name is known from coast to coast, and even beyond. The Moncton Fish Market has not forgotten its roots, nor the values that made its reputation: product freshness, proximity to customers and fishermen, and always the same passion for offering everyone the chance to discover the best the sea has to offer.

Acquired in 1977 by Raymond Leblanc, who was joined by his sons Terry and Donny, this flourishing business rapidly gained international momentum. Thanks to its new owners, Donald Robichaud and Louis Léger, the company now has 15 employees and continues to grow, making daily fish and seafood deliveries by air across the country.

Plan a Visit

At Moncton Fish Market, we have everything you need for a successful fish or seafood meal. Whether preparing a tuna tataki, grilled salmon or salted cod cakes, you'll find the perfect item at Moncton Fish Market. We offer you fresh, tender and tasty fish every day with an impressive array of seafood from our local fishing boats and from around the world. In addition to offering you an impressive variety of fish and seafood on ice, we have several other delicious and practical products. We have a wide range of frozen products, preserves, condiments, spices and accessories to complement your favorite recipes.

Come see our fish experts: they can give you valuable advice on how to prepare and cook the vast array of seafood products you’ll find at our Moncton store. Let our team help you discover or rediscover exquisite flavours in cooking.

A Worldwide Reputation for Excellence

Discover the rich flavour of our Maritime lobster that has solidified our reputation everywhere from the Pope, the Queen of England and Canadian Prime Ministers, Moncton Fish Market provided them all with the superb quality lobster found only here in the Maritimes or be enchanted by our delicious, carefully harvested oysters.

Delights for Every Taste

The Ocean Has Top Billing: Get Inspired by Our Recipes! Our delicious recipes are a real tribute to the flavours of fish and seafood. Whether it's a weekday lunch or Sunday family dinner, here are some inspiring recipes that can be made with Moncton Fish Market seafood.

Our Wholesale Division

Moncton Fish Market Ltd, your trusted fish market broker, now offers restaurateurs quality products at wholesale prices. We do business with more than 260 restaurants that enjoy fresh ocean produce every day across the country. Fundy lobsters, salted cod, chilean bar and other fine fish from local fisheries and beyond: your restaurant or catering service can count on one-day delivery anywhere from Calgary to Fredericton.

Premier Seafood Export

We pride ourselves on being Moncton’s seafood export experts and are committed to upholding the same level of service that has earned us our stellar reputation over the century we have been in operation. We ship internationally, including throughout Canada and the United States.